blindedmewith: (// oops)
blindedmewith ([personal profile] blindedmewith) wrote2011-02-18 07:49 pm

✓ 20

Has anyone been into my lab at Wellspring today? It's just that I had an unexpected idea for my latest experiment, so I came in this evening and—well, my things have been moved around. They're actually more organized this way. And I don't remember mixing together some of these compounds...

It isn't that I mind, but if any of you wonderful medical people need my things, I'd appreciate it if you let me know as soon as you can. It's only polite.

[ooc: Evil-lind has been out and about, so if any of her victims may assume she's made contact, or you can assume that happens later in the week! I'm also up for QLing with her if anyone wants face to face messing.]

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